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TIFF to PDF - Tiff is a common image format which stands for Tagged Image File Format and is popular among graphics artists. It is also a famous graphics format used for the purpose of faxing, scanning and OCR. Our web application helps you easily convert these Tiff format graphic files to Portable Document Format or PDF files. The conversion is very easy; choose your tiff file and convert it to pdf document by click of a button. The application also allows you to set the metadata for the pdf file like author and keywords. These pdf metadata help for archiving and searchability on internet. Tiff files can encapsulate multiple pages in a single image file. Our application extracts these multiple pages and converts them into a pdf page. We then put together all the pages of the Tiff file as a single pdf for download.

Detailed Information about TIFF format
TIFF to PDF is an application that runs on a web browser and does not require the installation of any 3rd party software. We recommend google chrome web browser.