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 Convert scalable vector graphics (svg) to Pdf online - About svg to pdf

Scalable vector graphics is a XML based file format that is used to depict 2 dimensional images. Since svg files are XML based, it has various advantages including the fact that they can easily be indexed and searched by search engines like google. Svg formats support text, colors, shapes etc. It also supports multiple other features like gradients, patterns, painting and filter effects. However, when you wanted to share svg files with others it is better to convert them to pdf documents. Pdf file format is more popular and can be viewed with adobe pdf reader. This application can be used to convert the scalable vector format to pdf files. The user can also specify the properties for the pdf file. Using our svg to pdf converter is very simple. Select your svg file and click on the covert button. The svg vector format file is converted to pdf file format and presented to you for download. Unlike other applications, all our application needs is a standard web browser. We recommend google chrome.