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Rtf to Pdf is our conversion utility that converts any rich text format file to pdf online. Rich text format which is abbreviated as rtf (file extension .rtf) was developed by Microsoft and is a popular file format. Most of the word processors like MS word and openoffice fully support rtf files and can be used to read and edit rich text format files making it fairly interportable. Rtf files are practically ascii files that have special commands to indicate formatting elements like images, font styles, margins and other formatting. Our tools reads all the complex formatting in the rtf file and reproduces them in the pdf. The formatting is perserved as much as possible except for some of the elements where a direct correlated type does not exist in the pdf document. Our rtf to pdf converter supports nested tables with any deep level. All kinds of shapes and vector graphics in the rtf are accurately reproduced in the pdf document. We internally convert the vector graphics into png images and embed them into the pdf documents. Lastly, all the width, margins and other elements are exactly converted into pdf dimensions. As a result of the above features, the output pdf looks very close to the input rtf file. Our rtf to pdf converter is intuitive to use and does not require any 3rd party software to be installed.