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 How to rotate Pdf and save permanently - About Pdf rotation

Pdf rotation online is a unique application at pdfaid that helps rotate pdf pages without the need to install any software. This application will help change the orientation of pdf pages either from landscape to portrait or viceversa. Adobe reader can be used for rotation however it doesnot allow you to save the file in the rotated format. This web application helps you not only rotate the pdf pages but also save them permanently. You can choose from 3 different rotation formats namely, 90° clockwise (rotating to right), 90° counter clockwise (rotating to left) and 180° clockwise (think of flipping upside down). The application also allows to change the metadata of the output pdf file. Use metadata in order to make the pdf more searchable online. This application runs on a standard browser and does not require the installation of any additional software. We recommend google chrome web browser.