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PDFaid is absolutely free to use. There are no charges to use the site. Registration at the site is also not necessary to use the applications. However, please consider registering at PDFaid as it will facilitate us to contact you when there are updates at PDFaid.

The uploaded documents at PDFaid are stored in a temporary folder for conversion. We respect the privacy of our users and these files are safe. All the files are automatically deleted by our system every 48 hours leaving no trace of it.

When you register at PDFaid, the confirmation email should arrive in your inbox normally within a couple of minutes. If you did not receive the email, please check the "bulk" or "spam" folder of your email. If you still can not locate the email, then please contact us and we will be happy to give you a solution.

YES. You can use the exact functionalities at PDFaid in your own website or application. Please see the details of our robust API by clicking here.

There is a 20 MB limit to the file size that can be uploaded at PDFaid. We believe that this limit should be sufficient in most of the cases. If you however require larger file size requirement, please let us know.

An error message can mean a whole lot of possibile reasons. The MOST likely reason is however that the input file is corrupted and cannot be opened (read) by our program. If you feel that is not the case, please send us the file and we will be happy to solve the problem.

By default the subscription at PDFaid is recurring. At any point if you want to cancel the subscription you can do so yourself at paypal. The detailed instructions on how to cancel paypal subscription can be found here.

There are multiple ways to get in touch with us for support. You can post on our facebook page, use our contact page OR post on our google+ page.

We take your privacy seriously. We DO NOT share our users email addresses with any 3rd party. It is sometimes used to send out newsletters from PDFaid updating you about the developments at our site. The frequency of the emails is also only twice or thrice a year.

To use our applications there is no need for any special software. All you need is a web browser. We personally recommend Google Chrome browser. It will work on mac, linux or windows machines.

Our pdf repair application is the #1 pdf repair solution online. Our software can repair in nearly 95% cases. There are however some cases in which the pdf is corrupted beyond repair. In these cases an error message is displayed. In these cases, the file repair can only be done manually which is beyond our scope.

Our Compress pdf application reduces the file size by applying various strategies. These include image resampling, bookmark removal, compressing streams and unembedding fonts etc. If your pdf does not include any of these elements then it is not possible to compress the pdf any further. An example of such a pdf is one without any images (only text) and without any complex embedded fonts. In such cases, your pdf is probably already at it's lowest possible size.