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Extract Images from Word - is a batch extraction tool to extract all the images from a microsoft word document online (doc and docx supported). Even if your doc file contains thousands of images, our extractor will save all images from your document in seconds. The saved images are all extracted into a single folder and zipped for ease to download. The saved images are accurately maintained for the quality. We take care to reproduce the color space of all the images precisely. Our application supports multiple output image formats, namely, Jpg, Gif, Png and Bmp. Choose the image format of your choice and our extractor will save images inside in the format of your choice. Extract images from word will work both a windows and a mac machine. All you need is a web browser. No expensive software required to be installed. Our webapplication does not require any additional installations. Upload your doc or docx file and save your images, its that easy.
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This application runs on a standard browser and does not require the installation of any additional software. We recommend google chrome web browser.