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 How to Convert xls to pdf, xlsx to pdf - Also supports xps output

Excel to PDF - converter is a free xls to pdf conversion tool that can be used online. Using our application you can convert any Microsoft excel file that has the file extensions .xls or .xlsx to pdf files. Our application is very sophosticated and can convert all the elements in your excel file to PDF's. It picks up the cell values, excel formula calculations, pictures that were imported, excel charts etc and puts them into a pdf file. We are one of the only excel to pdf application online that also recognises and retains all the cell value formats like bold, italics etc. The hyperlinks and email links that exist in the excel cells are also converted into PDF annotations.

Some of the main features of the tool are:
1. Retains cell formats and excel cell conditional formatting
2. Converts all pictures and charts in excel to PDF
3. Hypperlinks in the excel file are converted to their pdf equivalents
4. Supports both Microsoft excel 2003 (.xls) and higher versions (.xlsx)