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Convert PPT to PDF - is an online conversion application that can be used to convert any powerpoint file (both ppt and pptx) to Pdf documents online. Viewing of powerpoint files need Microsoft Office to be installed on the target PC. If you plan to share the powerpoint presentation (either ppt ot pptx) with users who plan to view it on a mobile device or a tablet, chances are that they will not be able to view. In such cases, it is extremely convinient to convert the ppt or pptx files into portable document formats or more popularly called pdf files. Another quite common scenario is when you are using a mac machine, it is much easier to convert the powerpoint file to pdf before viewing. Our online application does not have any dependencies. All you need is a browser, select the powerpoint file (.ppt) and convert with the click of a button.
Main Features of Ppt to Pdf Converter
  1. Support for both ppt (97 - 2003) and pptx
  2. Supports conversion of slide show presentation (.pps and .ppsx)
  3. Conversion of images, charts and hyperlinks.
  4. Powerpoint templates are all accurately re-produced in the pdf.
  5. Animations in the source pdf are also converted and reproduced in the pdf file.