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   Repair PDF - How to Fix Corrupt Pdf Documents    

Repair Pdf is our free pdf doctor. Do you have an important pdf but when you open it in adobe pdf reader it would say "the file is corrupted". There are a lot of reasons that a pdf file can get corrupted. Our pdf repair application looks for all possible reasons and fixes all of them. So a corrupt pdf file is fixed so that you can view it in any pdf reader. There are only very rare cases where the pdf file is corrupted beyond repair. If you have one of those files, please send them to us and we will fix it offline. Corrupt pdf files are of no use if they cannot be repaired. Our pdf fixer will repair the corrupt pdf documents and make them useful again.

Inorder to use our application all you need a browser. No need to install any software. It will work on windows or mac. Be it windows or mac, we recommend using google chrome.