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Welcome to our api services. Pdfaid online API helps you convert or manipulate pdf documents in your own applications. Our API's are written taking into account various programming languages and scenarios. Our API can be used in asp.net, winforms (both c# and VB.net supported) or php environments. The API is super easy to use and literally needs only a couple of lines of code to get started.

C# Instructions

Php Instructions

Supported Applications

- Image to Pdf conversion (convert jpg, gif, png, tiff or bmp to pdf)
- Compress Pdf (compress and reduce pdf file sizes)
- Docx to Pdf (convert Microsoft doc or docx to pdf)
- Svg to Pdf (convert vector images like svg to pdf)
- Pdf to Docx (converts any pdf document to Microsoft docx)
- Pdf to Jpg (convert pdf documents to jpg, gif, png or bmp)
- Extract Images from pdf (extract images embedded in pdf and save them all at once)
- Xps to Pdf (converts any xps file to pdf)

Salient Features

1. Easy to use: Our API is very easy and intuitive to use.
2. Multi-platform: Supports asp.net (c#, VB.net), winforms and php environments
3. Free Trial: Fully test it before you buy any credits. If you need more free credits for testing please let us know
4. Integration: No third party installations or dependencies
5. Support: Full support on multiple ways. Contact form, facebook, google+, youtube, twitter
6. Uptime: We have a strong up time record of 99.8 % over the last couple of years.